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Terri, Liberia

Baking is her hobby but advocating for victims of drug abuse is her real passion.

Terri loves baking wedding cakes but things weren’t always sweet...

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J.M., Liberia

Economic empowerment.

J.M., earned respect and recognition in her community as a business owner. Read her full story…

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Komal, India

A bride for a bride.

At 16, Komal was forced to drop out of school when she was married off in exchange for a bride for her brother. Today, she’s...

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Keyli, Guatemala

Using her voice.

Keyli used to be afraid to speak up. But after she learned about her rights, she says she feels confident and wants to be heard…

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Notre Dame Girl Up Club

Been with Girl Up since the beginning.

From school dress down days to classroom coin wars, this Girl Up Club has done it all…

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RISE: Booker T. Washington Girl Up Club

Always looking for ways to make a difference.

This Girl Up Club was named the top club for the 2013-2014 school year. Here’s why…

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Carly Pablos & Vivien Hastings

A dynamic duo

These two college students came together not only to educate their campus, but also the greater Chicago area…

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UT Austin Girl Up

Committed to making a difference

Founded in 2014, this Girl Up campus group has already made a big splash for girls, and they’re just getting started…

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Miatta, Liberia

Determined to go to school.

Miatta faced many barriers in her pursuit of an education, but nothing would stop her from going after her dreams…

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