two girls looking at the sky and smile, one girl has her arm around the other girl's shoulder (lower angle) two girls looking at the sky and smile, one girl has her arm around the other girl's shoulder (lower angle)

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When girls rise, we all rise

The world needs new solutions and leadership now. Girl Up is expanding girls’ skills, rights, and opportunities to lead. We're changing the face of leadership for generations to come.

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South America
  1. Latin-America Girl Up member speaking on a panel (closer shot)

    Girl Up Brazil is working with girls across the country on climate activism and civic participation

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  2. Discover Teen Advisor Laura’s STEM superpower and how she’s using it to build a more peaceful, equitable Colombia.

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North America
  1. Meet the Girl Up Alumna, podcaster, and activist who’s rewriting the narrative for Black girls & women everywhere. Not just during #BlackHistoryMonth. But every. Single. Day.

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  2. Girl Up Pankh Club leader Kavya explores how scientific research can bring together people with diverse backgrounds and create a shared sense of purpose to drive social progress.

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  3. Check out Girl Up Mexico, an affiliate that trains, inspires and connects girls to be leaders and activists for gender equality

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  1. a woman is talking with 3 girl up girls in the pictures and the girls are wearing WiSci t-shirt in the centre is Becca Bean Teen Advisor Alumna and playing attention to the conversation

    Read about how a Girl Up Ukraine Club is partnering with Girl Up Clubs worldwide to help Ukrainian elders in need

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  1. See how Girl Up India is using storytelling as a tool for breaking barriers and building connections in activism and education

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  1. 6 girls have their hand wide open posing for the group picture

    Listen to the Girl Up Africa Digest podcast to hear about young leaders and their impact across the region

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  2. Listen to the Girl Up Africa Digest podcast to hear about young leaders and their impact across the region

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Southeast Asia
  1. Only 16% of Southeast Asia students enrolled in STEM studies are women. Learn more about our WiSci Southeast Asia Girls STEAM Camp

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Read Our Stories
  1. two Uganda girls with hand on each other's arm and smile to the camera inside the classroom

    Girl Up funded programs through UNHCR (the United Nations’ refugee agency) ensures girls are able to see a classroom in their lifetime and have the chance to just be a girl.

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  2. Discover why this Girl Up leader is calling for more diversity and inclusion in research—and how this change could help save thousands in underrepresented communities.

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  3. Check out the new toolkit for FREE on the Girl Up Community for ways you & your Club can advocate for a period positive world!

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  4. Although MUSLIMGIRL.COM may no longer be a “little blog” and founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh may no longer be a high school teenager creating content from her New Jersey bedroom, its quest to amplify young Muslim women voices, diversify their representation in the mainstream media, and create a more inclusive world is far from over.

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  5. (close shot) with a girl's hand holding on a phone and the phone appear #metoo

    In January 2018, when Doctor Luo Qianqian reported abuse by her supervisor, Chen Xiaowu, on social media many more #MeToo stories went public.

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Girl Up provides youth globally with the training, tools, and community to build their leadership and accelerate social change that stands to benefit us all.

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I never thought that I would get an opportunity like this: to be surrounded by so many amazing girls who are just as passionate about social justice issues as I am.

Fatimata Cham, 2018-2019 Teen Advisor


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