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Girl Up Takes on the Women’s March

This weekend, on the anniversary of the world’s largest march for women’s rights, Girl Up Club members and others in our community raised their voices and stood up for what they believe in.

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This weekend, on the anniversary of the world’s largest march for women’s rights, Girl Up Club members and others in our community raised their voices and stood up for what they believe in. Girl Up Clubs in France, the United States, Germany, and more joined in the global movement. One year later, the fight for gender equality is just getting started!

Here is a highlight of some amazing Girl Up members’ experiences:

Girl Up Teen Advisor Sawyer Taylor-Arnold – North Carolina, USA

“I organized the Anniversary Women’s March in Asheville, North Carolina along with 3 of my best friends. It was organized entirely by high school girls to show not only the power and resilience of young women but also to show those around us that we were ready and capable to take on a leadership role. Our initial goal was to get100 people to come to the march but almost 7,000showed up. Being able to serve my community and advance this movement was an incredible experience. I got to see first hand the logistics of organizing and activism and what it means to take these two things to the next level. In the few days since the march, I feel even more empowered and inspired to keep working for change because I know that my community stands behind me and all the young women looking to make a difference.”

Townview Girl Up Club – Texas, USA

Townview Girl Up Club President Katherine King said, “We made it to the rally and felt empowered by all the women we saw. Time is up to sit on the sidelines and wait for change. Canvassing, registering voters, and writing to our representatives need to be everyone’s new normal. Civic engagement is so important because you learn about other people as well. For example, one speaker could not get on the stage because there was no wheelchair access. She’s hustling everyday for justice, and we all need to support her and women like her. It’s time to demand justice in our own communities.”

Lincoln Public School Girl Up Club – Nebraska, USA

A group of Girl Up Club members from Lincoln Public School marched, and here is what they had to say:

Syann Englehard said, “I participated because there is no reason for this world to not be equal. I want to make sure that because that is the case, I’m fighting hard for it. I want equality on all levels and I feel I marched, because that wasn’t the case. I marched especially for minorities, but also for all the women in my life whom I love and feel should be treated as best as possible.”

“And above all, I marched for the future, because I want everyone to feel empowered.”

Club member Sophia Olson added, “I marched because I believe that all people who identify as women have the right to equal opportunities to education, equal pay and bodily autonomy.”

And Nina Peci shared, “I marched because I think it’s important to fight for social justice and be an active citizen in local politics!”

Paris Girl Up Club – Paris, France

Girl Up France Club member Eva Cohen-Tanugi shared “It was raining and it was cold. But we were all united together and somehow that was all that mattered. We were determined to march because we are aware that in many parts of the world girls are at a major disadvantage.

We value our freedom of speech and our access to education and healthcare. We want every human to have access to fundamental human rights. So no matter how wet or cold it was, were are going to march for all those who can not. We believe that almost 600 million girls in the world deserved the same rights, to be heard, to dream, and to live the life they imagined. Girl Up taught us that I matter. And so does she. I am her. She is me.”


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