Free Online Tools to Connect with Your Girl Up Club

We’ve rounded up the best FREE online tools to host an online club meeting, a virtual event, or even a movie night!

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As entire communities practice social distancing, you may be wondering, “how can I still keep my Girl Up Club engaged?” There are so many tools and softwares out there, but many of them you have to pay for. Well, no need to fear: we’ve rounded up the best FREE online tools to host an online club meeting, a virtual event, or even a movie night!

Best for Hosting a Virtual Event:
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Why It’s Cool

Get your club together for live video Q&As, interviews, summits, webinars and more. They are currently offering a two-week free trial to test out the features with up to ten people!

Activity for Your Club

Hold a mini regional Summit with nearby Girl Up Clubs and click around our refreshed website for ideas guide your sessions!


Why It’s Cool

With Remo, you can create powerful webinars, summits, live Q&A’s, or conferences and simulate moving from table to table at events!

Activity for Your Club

Host a mini conference on a topic of your choice and choose Club members as speakers for different sessions.


Why It’s Cool

Teeoh provides a social experience for groups of people who otherwise can’t attend events in-person. You can customizer your avatar, design your event venue, and host super-fast!

Activity for Your Club

Invite a community member to speak about gender equality and invite your Club to attend and ask questions.

Youtube Livestream

Why It’s Cool

YouTube Live is an easy way to reach your Club in real time. Whether you’re streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, their tools will help you manage your event and interact with Club members in real time.

Activity for Your Club

Are you a graduating Girl Up Club leader? Teach underclassmen how to lead a successful Girl Up club next year!

Best for Hosting a Club Meeting:


Why It’s Cool

Besides the usual video and audio, ezTalks’ webinar service has an interactive whiteboard, instant messaging services and useful screen sharing making this free virtual event platform a perfect choice for different needs for Clubs.

Activity for Your Club

Host a STEM for Social Good activity hour and participate in an activity from the toolkit!


Why It’s Cool

Skype allows you to make free online calls and do video messaging. You can host video meetings with up to 50 Girl Up Club members!

Activity for Your Club

Want to start planning your next Girl Up Club event? Hop onto Skype with your executive board and get to it!


Why It’s Cool

Zoom is another super easy to use video conferencing app that you can use to host up to 100 Girl Up Club members at once. You can use polls, virtually raise your hand, and even use a virtual whiteboard!

Activity for Your Club

Want to host a regional meet-up? Make it a reality with Zoom and meet Girl Up members in a different country!

Best for Hosting a Movie Night:


Why It’s Cool

Kast lets users share videos with others in real-time, including movies, videos, live streams, or webcams, while holding a group text chat. You can also share documents and other media.

Activity for Your Club

Watch your favorite gender equality movies outside of Netflix on Amazon Prime, Disney+ or Hulu with your club!

Netflix Party

Why It’s Cool

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that allows you to synchronize Netflix video playback on multiple computers.

Activity for Your Club

Want to stream the latest feminist movie? Use Netflix Party with your club and watch it together!


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