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Organizing for Social Change

YOU can make a difference in the life of a girl and start a movement wherever you are. What often starts with organizing community meetings, bake sales, penny drives, film screenings, and raffles soon becomes organizing to create spaces for girls on college campuses to combat sexual assault, to change gender-biased dress codes in schools, and to raise the legal age of marriage for girls, as you begin to truly lean into your abilities to organize for change.

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What do Girl Up Clubs do?

Girl Up Clubs’ passion for gender equality impacts not only the people in their own communities, but girls around the world. As our most active leaders, they organize local events and activities, and participate in action-based Club challenges on issues that intersect with gender equality. With more than 6,300 clubs registered in nearly 152 countries and all 50 U.S. states, Girl Up Clubs are champions for change.

Through organizing, storytelling, advocacy, and fundraising, Girl Up Club members hone the leadership skills needed to transform themselves and make a positive difference in the lives of girls everywhere. Any student – middle school, junior high, high school, homeschooled, or in college – can start a Club.

Why Join a Club?

Make a difference:

  • Learn transformational leadership skills to use for social good
  • Host school-wide celebrations on key moments during the calendar year like International Day of the Girl or International Women’s Day, for example.
  • Plan and execute activities throughout the school year, including as part of our Club Challenges
  • Build a Club Coalition to turn your local Club activities into collective action  across cities and regions

Commit to uphold a few basic requirements:

  • Host at least five Girl Up activities every school year
  • Set Club goals and share them with Girl Up
  • Complete activity & progress reports
  • Recruit new members and build your membership
  • Exemplify Girl Up core values in all activities

Registering your Club and Girl Up provides the tools, resources and opportunities you need to succeed:

  • Access to the exclusive online Girl Up Community
  • A supportive network of like-minded peers from around the world
  • Monthly newsletter with resources, updates, and ideas
  • Featured Challenges with activity toolkits and fact sheets
  • Girl Up Club grants to help you get things done
  • Invites to local and national events
  • Opportunity to earn points and prizes for your Club
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Give to Girl Up

Your support of our girl changemakers means Girl Up can continue to work toward a world where girls have equal value, opportunity, and the chance to reach their fullest potential. You can make a difference in the life of a girl by donating today.

How to Get Involved

All around the world, our network of a million supporters is mobilizing for gender equality. Will you stand with us?

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    Where former Girl Up activists & members can connect, grow, & give back as they navigate adulthood.

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    All issues are gender justice issues! Find out more about what our members are passionate about.

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