Impact of Climate Change on Girls & Women

The climate crisis is not gender-neutral. Climate change, the long-term change in average weather patterns, disproportionately impacts women throughout the world. Here’s the good news: girls and youth are taking the lead in addressing the climate crisis firsthand! Through the climate restoration movement, youth are advocating for the removal of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide to pre-industrial levels by the year 2050. Join Girl Up leaders in adding climate restoration to the global climate action movement. Sign up below to take our free, self-paced climate course today! 

It’s important to raise our voices and advocate for a change because we can no longer suffer the consequences of climate change.

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Heal Our Planet: From Science to Action

Dive into climate activism with Heal Our Planet: From Science to Action, Girl Up’s new and not-so-intro online course designed to level up your climate knowledge and turn it into real change! This six-unit course will be the go-to learning resource for climate-savvy advocates who know the basics but crave a deeper dive. The best part? You can finish the full course within a week of starting! Master the science behind climate change and join us in becoming advocates for a greener world!

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  1. Unit 1: Climate Change

    Introducing human-driven climate change & its global impacts

  2. Unit 2: The Carbon Cycle

    Learning the carbon cycle process & how to restore the atmosphere to safe and healthy conditions

  3. Unit 3: Climate Action

    Exploring the challenges & opportunities facing various forms of climate action

  4. Unit 4: Climate Solutions

    Understanding existing solutions & which alleviate the impacts of climate change

  5. Unit 5: Climate Justice

    Discovering different types of justice & how they intersect with climate

  6. Unit 6: Take Action

    Brainstorming how YOU can create a social impact project & be a climate leader too

Through this course, youth will get to know about the science, politics, solutions, and justice issues surrounding climate change, all with the underlying theme of action. Hear stories from Girl Up leaders on the impact climate change has on them and their communities and the action they’ve taken toward the climate movement. Unleash your inner climate champion & help us Heal Our Planet today!

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