To Transform the World by Girl Up Leadership Summit Attendee from Pakistan

Leadership Summit

Blog written by: Fariha Khan Akozai, Pakistan, first-time Girl Up Leadership Summit Attendee. 

I am excited to attend the 2018 Girl Up Leadership Summit this summer because it is a vivid opportunity for young minds to partake in a leadership dialogue. It’s also an opportunity to take part in lobbying workshops which will help girls like me become an advocate of friendship and love. At the end of the workshop attendees like me will have an ambition in life which purely to eradicate the adversities restraining girls and empower women all over the world.

I am an active public speaker and have already proven my astounding oration skills on various TV channels and also being the figurehead of an organisation (Sultana Welfare organisation-SWO) already working for the betterment humanity. This leadership summit will provide me with the key elements of advocacy and leadership which I require to bring the much needed change in my society for which l have always wished and worked.

The 2018 Girl Up Leadership Summit proves to be the figurehead in the march against issues restraining girls, and become the voice of those unable to speak for themselves. This Summit is the platform much needed to craft the decency of thought and mine the genius of mind. I am very happy to be a part of this event, where I will be having a chance to experience new grounds of learning set forth on subtle and comprehensive ways, by which I will be fully prepared to deal with future challenges and will be geared up with equipment required to take on the social evils.

Coming from a country with a patriarchal society where women are barred to even carry out even a single task on their own, where women are killed in the name of honour, where girls are suppressed for speaking the truth, where girls are not required to make their own decisions, where women are not allowed to be level headed alongside men in the race for being at the top, the Girl Up Leadership Summit enables me to be more empathetic towards the issues prevailing in our world regarding girls.

My hopes of learning and experience are very high for this Summit. I am expecting this Summit to prove worthy and to provide all the notable materials they promise to deliver in workshops. Interacting with youth from all over the world will help me broaden my perspective and it will not only help me shape up my future but will also nurture my skills to convince others to contribute in bringing the change.
This summer let us join hands and stand together as per the Girl Up’s motive that when girls stand up for girls in need they empower each other and transform the world.

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