Alexandra Riginos

Hi Girl Up Community! My name is Alex Riginos; I am a junior at St. Anne Catholic High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina for the 2017-2018 school year. I Am Malala initially enlightened me to the injustices and marginalization women face throughout the world and in fact, through the Malala Fund, I became committed to Girl Up. This will be the third year that I am a part of the Girl Up Campaign (also my third year residing as president of my club) and I am over-the-moon about my role as a Teen Advisor!
It is a running joke amongst my peers that I have the dual personalities of Hermione Granger and Emma Watson, a testament to my love for learning and natural inclination for advocacy.
Outside of Girl Up, I am assisting with neuroscience research and refining my knowledge on the dynamic field, as it is a prominent interest of mine. I have recently recognized that my passion for human rights— and work with Girl Up— has unknowingly perpetuated my desire to become a lawyer. In fact, earlier this fall, I established a Model UN Club— another avenue that allows me to refine my authoritative and passionate disposition! Additionally, I have been working with my science teacher to establish a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) certificate program for my high school! I am a “trailblazer” in my school as my Class of 2019 will be the second to graduate. As an extension of this commitment, I am the chair of a scholarship fund that aids students who hope to attend our school.
The Girl Up Community has truly provided me with a platform to change the world; in fact, I vividly remember that at my 8th grade graduation, my beloved English teacher revealed that I personified the infamous Gandhi quote, “be the change you want to see in the world.”
In my spare time, I am probably keeping up to date with the latest Vox or Buzzfeed Unsolved Videos, Snapchatting, drinking iced coffee, or sleeping in a little too late.