Girl Up Clubs

With more than 1,000 clubs registered in 43 U.S. states and 51 countries, Girl Up Clubs are champions for change. As our most active supporters, Girl Up Clubs have a huge impact on girls around the world, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up. Through education, fundraising, advocacy and service, Girl Up Club members develop the leadership skills necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of girls everywhere. Whether you are in middle school, junior high, high school or homeschooled, every youth can start a club.

Make an Impact

Girl Up Clubs are responsible for countless achievements including:

  • Raising over $125,000 to support UN programs for adolescent
  • Building 8 regional coalitions to host events across clubs and supporters
  • Hosting school-wide celebrations on International Day of the Girl and International Women’s Day
  • Taking 500 actions in the 2013-2014 school year including Featured Challenges like Girl Rising film screenings, e-waste recycling drives and congressional call-in days

Make a Commitment

Clubs commit to uphold the goals of Girl Up through a few basic requirements:

  • Host five Girl Up activities every year
  • Submit activity & semester reports
  • Recruit new members
  • Interact in the Girl Up Community
  • Participate in fundraising challenges

Earn Perks

By registering a club, Girl Up provides the tools, resources and opportunities you need to succeed:

  • Access to the Girl Up Community web portal
  • Generation Lead monthly newsletter with resources and ideas
  • Featured Challenges with activity toolkits and fact sheets
  • Girl Up Club Awards
  • Invites to local and national events
  • Opportunity to earn prizes for your club


Girl Up staff will be with your club every step of the way. Email for more info.

Club Fundraising

Girl Up Club Leaders have a goal to raise $75,000 this school year.

$21,385 of $75,000

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