Meet this Year’s Girl Up Leadership Summit Emcees – Celia and Nishita

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Girl Up is excited to announce this year’s emcees for the sixth annual Girl Up Leadership Summit taking place July 17-19 in Washington, D.C. Celia Buckman is a Teen Advisor alum (2014-2016) from Chicago, IL and Nishita Barua is a Wakefield Girl Up Club Leader from Arlington, VA.

Nishita: How did you first hear about Girl Up?

Celia: I first heard about Girl Up when I was in eighth grade. I was (and am still) really involved in UNICEF, and was interested in learning about the most effective methods of international development–all roads led back to gender equality, and when I stumbled across Girl Up soon after that, I knew I had to get involved. How about you?

Nishita: I first learned about Girl Up when a club was started at my high school sophomore year. Since we’ve both been involved in Girl Up, I’m curious to know how it was impacted your life?

CeliaGirl Up has given me an outlet to pursue my passion for gender equality. Through Girl Up, I’ve connected with the coolest girl advocates, learned to advocate for bills in Congress, and raised funds for causes I believe in. It was truly formative throughout my high school experience, and I can’t wait to continue with the campaign as it evolves!

Nishita: For me, it made me an International Studies major. Through Girl Up I found my passion for global issues and has directed me on the path I am on now – which is why I’m excited to be a co-emcee with you this year. Aren’t you excited?

Celia: I’m so excited to work with every aspect of the amazing speakers series at this year’s summit! I’ve always loved public speaking, and combining that with Girl Up’s mission to empower girl activists is awesome. When I was asked to emcee, I immediately replied yes!

Nishita: Me too! Being able to in such close proximity with all women who are trying to change the world by changing their own. Many of the speakers serve as role models and being able to share a stage with such inspirational people will surely be life altering. I know that Monique Coleman is going to be coming; Last year, getting to take a picture with one of my childhood idols was amazing, introducing her would be a once in a lifetime opportunity; I knew that, so when I got offered this opportunity I had to read it 6 times before to convince myself it was real! Most of all I can’t wait to feel the Girl Up passion from leaders all over the country from a different point of view.

Nishita: What’s your favorite part about the Girl Up Leadership Summit?

Celia: I love connecting with other people who are just as passionate about Girl Up as I am. Experiencing inspiring speakers, workshops, and lobbying was a lot more impactful for me when it’s with hundreds of activists beside me. It’s a really powerful experience to go through together–I’m still in touch with people I met at previous summits years ago!

Nishita: Seeing the look on a Congress member’s face when they see hundreds of young female agents of progress walk into their work space with matching shirts and goals. Their eyes widen and recognize that we are forced to be reckoned with.

Celia: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who hasn’t attended a Girl Up Leadership Summit before?

Nishita: Meet as many people as possible, share your story, and listen to the ones around you. How about you?

Celia: Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people there, whether it’s the people at your table, your favorite speakers, or other attendees from your state. The summit is the perfect place to approach people who you can collaborate with throughout the year, or get into lively discussions about topics you really care about.

Celia: With so many great speakers and workshop leaders, which speaker are you excited to hear from the most?

Nishita: Literally everyone, each person is inspirational, but if I had to pick one, Monique Coleman, her story is so powerful and inspirational, and a true test of perseverance. Also, she is one of my childhood idols.

Celia: I always look forward to hearing from Liz Plank, true #GirlHero. She shuts down sexism in media and politics, and always offers a fresh and engaging perspective!

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