Girl Up Leadership Summit: A Chance to Gain Valuable Skills and Connect with Like-Minded People

Leadership Summit

My name is Xiwei Peng, and I am a junior going to school in Maryland. The mission of Girl Up is to empower girls with the resources they need, and that is something I can resonate with deeply. Last year, I founded a Girl Up Club at my high school to fulfill this mission in my local community. As of our last fundraiser this school year, we have raised more than $1,400 and held numerous events advocating gender equality.

To further learn about Girl Up, I decided to attend the Leadership Summit for the first time. I want to attend because I want to exchange ideas and learn from the other brilliant people attending. Since I have experience with fundraising, I can share my knowledge with club leaders less familiar with it. In areas that I am less experienced with, I can learn tips from others. By helping each other out, we can build a stronger Girl Up community! I am also hoping that the knowledge and leadership skills I gain from the Summit can be translated to my club to make it even more successful. The attendees are sure to be a diverse group, with people coming from all over the world, but I am sure I can connect with them through our common interest in gender equality.

In terms of the activities at the Summit, I am especially looking forward to the lobby day on Capitol Hill. To me, it is a meaningful and impactful activity. If we all stand together, unified on Capitol Hill, we can force our voices to be acknowledged and heard. The Summit will also have various workshops to improve our skills as well as speeches from influential leaders. I am certain I will leave the Summit a more empowered and educated individual.

Wootton Girl Up Club Bake Sale Fundraiser

Blog written by Xiwei Peng, Wootton Girl Up Club President.