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Penny War!!

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to have a penny drive at my school for Girl Up. The idea was nice but I thought it was a little cliché. So I thought about it and came up with the idea for a penny war! At my school the students are separated into two grades and four teams. So I decided to have the basic principles of a penny drive but with a twist.

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This Graduation, Give a Gift that Gives Back

Graduation is just around the corner, and young women all over the country are reaching a significant educational milestone in their lives. Having been able to go to school and create opportunities for themselves, they are celebrating a truly exciting accomplishment. Sadly, girls in developing countries aren’t so lucky.

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Nominate a Girl Up Teen Advisor today!

Do you know someone who’s got what it takes to be a Girl Up Teen Advisor? Or maybe you are the girl for the job? Starting TODAY through May 27, anyone is able to nominate a girl entering 7th to 12th grade in 2011 to serve a year-long commitment beginning this September as an advisor for Girl Up. Interested?

First, learn what being a Teen Advisor is all about here. Then ask someone to nominate you on the Girl Up Teen Advisor nomination page.

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1 in 7 is one too many

child marriage thumb 2

Wow! Since last week, the Girl Up community has rallied behind the Stop Child Marriage Petition to take a stand for the millions of girls in developing countries who are forced into unwanted marriages. Thank you for uniting with us to say “Child marriage is unacceptable and unfair!”

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New Partner Introduction: GirlsUp


Thousands of people are uniting each day for girls through Girl Up. We’re excited to welcome another partner to our team whose mission is to empower girls, and has a similar name: GirlsUp.

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Don’t Stop Believin’

Can you believe it?

The “Pop with a Purpose” benefit concert for Girl Up is ALMOST here!

You may have first heard about my ‘Pop with a Purpose” concert only a few weeks ago, but the rehearsing, planning and organizing of this huge event began eight months ago, way back in September. After so much work and so much rehearsal, we are extremely excited that we only have to wait a little bit longer before we share our performance with all of you!

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Pop with a Purpose! This One’s for the Girls

Last April, a few Glee fans in my school’s choir approached our director, Dr. Robin Garner, and convinced her to allow us to learn and perform a few choral arrangements from the hit TV series. Luckily for us Gleeks, Dr. Garner agreed, but on one condition: it had to be a benefit concert. The problem? We couldn’t decide which organization to support!

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UN Foundation staff member spreads the Girl Up message far and wide

dave burton girl up presentation thumb

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to speak to the women’s circle group of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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10X10 = Success!

Itzel with 10x10

This past Saturday night, my friend and I were given the opportunity to go to TV producer, Kayce Jennings' house in New York City. I was immediately intrigued by the film we watched there that three amazing girls from Cambodia were a part of, including one whose name was Sokha Chen. Sokha, who I was able to meet on International Women’s Day at a visit to the White House, was a very interesting 16- year-old girl. She represented the success and impact Girl Up could have in girls lives in countries like Malawi, Liberia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

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Special Delivery

Kathy Calvin reading letters with girls thumb

Everyone loves to get a letter from someone special. And nothing is more special than a new friend from far away who cares about your health and your happiness. I watched this happen as I saw some very special letters brighten the hopes of girls in the Liberian village of Careysburg last week.

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Girl Up & Music Unites at Power of One!

music unites thumb

I had a wonderful experience at the Power of One event hosted at the Intrepid Museum in New York City on March 10. It was amazing! Hearing the panel of successful women that have found ways to make their voices heard made it clear to my peers and I that anything is possible.

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Youth Speak on Gender Issues at the UN

Last week, I attended the UN Women’s Youth Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York City. Global youth leaders from all over the world discussed their views on gender equality and what they’re doing to help young women. Participants were of different ages, different genders and from many different countries but the message they were all promoting was clear: empower young women.

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Girl Up visits the White House!

jenna and itzel at the white house

Yesterday was such an exciting day! Some of the Girl Up Teen Advisors and I had an incredible time attending the 100th International Women's Day ceremony at the White House. From meeting First Lady Michelle Obama to supporting our very own Shannon McNamara as she opened the event, this day was unforgettable.

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International Women's Day Movie Series!

movie thumb

Happy International Women’s Day! For the past eight days we've been highlighting movies that focus on women and girls issues - the issues YOU care about and are working so hard for. We got some awesome recommendations from our Girl Up staff, our Teen Advisors, and many other fabulous Girl Up supporters on Facebook and Twitter.

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Host a Girl Up Event

host an event

Can’t wait for the next time Girl Up is in your city? Then don’t! You can plan and host your own Girl Up event today, right through

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Tell Us Your Story

submit story thumb

Are you on a GirlRaiser Team? Have you hosted a Girl Up event or are you planning one? Do you just want to tell the world why giving girls in developing countries a “High Five” is important to you?

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Uniting Basketball Fans to Change the World

Girl Up volunteers at All-Star!

Girl Up has been out in Los Angeles this weekend with our founding partner the WNBA for the NBA All-Star Jam Session! The city is alive with basketball fever, and we are spreading the message to fans everywhere that adolescent girls are our next generation of leaders.

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A Generation of Investment

pledge blog thumb

According to this week's essay in TIME Magazine by Nancy Gibbs, the hundreds of thousands of young people mobilizing with Girl Up are an "army enlisted in helping girls realize their potential." Whether you are teenage girl (or boy), reading this right now, together, we are a force for change and a generation of investment.

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Girls Count

girls laughing thumb

Girls count. Did you know that some girls in the developing world spend up to eight hours a day walking back and forth to get clean water for their families? Did you know that 75 percent of the children in the developing world who aren’t able to go to school are girls? Did you know that not every girl in the developing world has a birth certificate when they’re born?

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Education Gives Girls a Chance

girls in school thumb

As teenagers living in the United States, our only job is to go to school, do our homework, and keep our grades up. We have time to relax, hang out with friends, and just enjoy being young. However, many girls living in the developing world have their childhoods taken away from them when they are denied the opportunity to receive an education.

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Everyone can be an Ambassador

Teen Advisors pep rally thumb

What could be better than spending a Saturday working at an event hosted by an organization that you feel passionate about? Nothing. This is exactly how Girl Up’s Teen Advisors got to spend their day on Jan. 15th...

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Best Buy Gives Girl Up a High Five!

Best buy at 15

Do you love Girl Up? Online games? Or better yet, both? Then, we need your help to win up to $250,000 from Best Buy!

Best Buy @15 gives teens the chance to stand up for the issues they care about, while having fun online!

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25 GirlRaiser Ideas: Part 5

Sometimes the hardest part of anything is getting started, so we’ve put together a little list of 25 ideas so your GirlRaiser team can have fun while giving High Fives! This is the last set in a series of five in our GirlRaiser Ideas series so check past ones for more ideas!

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Teen Advisor Weekend!

teen advisors pep rally thumb

I am inspired. I am still exhausted from all the activity and fun! Most importantly, I am excited for what’s to come. That is my reaction after spending three fantastic days with the 17 Girl Up Teen Advisors, who all met for the first time in Washington, DC, this past weekend.

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You did it!

Girl smiling thumb

I have some awesome news – thanks to you, in the month of December Girl Up raised enough money to send over 5,000 girls to school in Malawi! This is pretty cool, because first we asked you to help send 1,000 girls to school.

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