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Putting On Our Dancing Shoes For UN Day!

Girl Up celebrated United Nations Day in Nashville, TN on Sunday, with the UNA-USA Nashville Cordell Hull chapter. I had a great time representing our campaign among some amazing performers during the top-notch girl focused program.

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Take A Stand For Girls' Education

Education is important to me because it can be the great equalizer between boys and girls, men and women. It is widely recognized that educating girls is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty, and to empower the next generation to achieve a brighter future.

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Working Together To Keep Girls In School

Education is important to me because it makes a girl’s life worth living.

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The Answer To Poverty? Education!

Education is important to me because it’s the best way to end global poverty.

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Education Opens Doors

Education is important to me because it allows all girls and boys to learn skills that will last them a lifetime.

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In The Big Leagues

Why is it so vital for a teen to be attending and reporting on the Clinton Global Initiative 2011? President Clinton opened the morning today at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting 2011.

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Tweet for change!

Did you know that an average American teenage girl sends 150 text messages a day? Now imagine using one of those text messages a day towards spreading awareness about girls in developing countries.

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Girl Up Takes Over New York!

By the time the doors opened to kick off our Unite for Girls Tour in New York, brought to you by our partner Clean and Clear, there was so much excitement in the air!

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Teen Advisors on education

We are so excited to have a new class of Teen Advisors join us this fall. Very soon you will get to meet them! In the meantime, we asked each of them the question: “Why is education important to you?” 

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Global change starts with girls

Education, starting with girls, is the first step to unleashing the wealth and power of women to transform our lives.

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Take action for education

Here's an easy way to help girls in developing countries have greater access to education, using the one thing most of us check daily: Facebook.

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Bringing Girls Back to School

Education is important to me because it’s about more than just going to school – it’s about shaping our thoughts and ideas and opening up opportunities later in life.

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Back to school, but not for all

As we head back to school this fall — with excitement and stories of all our summer adventures — it’s unfair that there are millions of adolescent girls in developing countries who do not have the same opportunity.

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The Teen Advisors Unite for Girls in Chicago!

It was my first time in Chicago and I was excited to be in the Windy City with the rest of the Teen Advisors for Girl Up’s tour stop at The Chicago Theatre. We were there to discuss the child marriage. This event was something new that we’ve never tried before...

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Rosie from THINK visits Girl Up!

Rosie Shaack from THINK thumb

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to sit down with someone who truly inspires you, but for me, last week I had one of those days. Rosie Schaack, head of THINK Women’s Empowerment Center (Touching Humanity In Need of Kindness) in Liberia, and a partner of the United Nations Foundation, came to our  office in Washington, DC to chat with us about her work with teen girls who were victims of war.

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I could be 15 and married right now

stop child marriage thumb

Girls in developing countries are facing a crisis; 1 in 7 of them is married by the age of 15. So if I imagine this reality in my school, of the 47 girls in my 11th grade class, about 7 of us would already be married...and maybe even have kids of our own. 

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Pop with a Purpose! This One’s for the Girls

Last April, a few Glee fans in my school’s choir approached our director, Dr. Robin Garner, and convinced her to allow us to learn and perform a few choral arrangements from the hit TV series. Luckily for us Gleeks, Dr. Garner agreed, but on one condition: it had to be a benefit concert. The problem? We couldn’t decide which organization to support!

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UN Foundation staff member spreads the Girl Up message far and wide

dave burton girl up presentation thumb

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to speak to the women’s circle group of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia.

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10X10 = Success!

Itzel with 10x10

This past Saturday night, my friend and I were given the opportunity to go to TV producer, Kayce Jennings' house in New York City. I was immediately intrigued by the film we watched there that three amazing girls from Cambodia were a part of, including one whose name was Sokha Chen. Sokha, who I was able to meet on International Women’s Day at a visit to the White House, was a very interesting 16- year-old girl. She represented the success and impact Girl Up could have in girls lives in countries like Malawi, Liberia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

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Why Water Matters

World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day and here’s something to think about next time you groan about having to do the dishes or help wipe the table -- in many developing countries, adolescent girls not only have to help with the cleaning, they also have to walk for many hours just to retrieve the water. In Ethiopia, girls will walk up to six hours a day on dangerous roads to collect water for their families and villages to use for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other household needs.

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Erica Spreads the Word at the Global Issues Network Conference

Erica Lamberson

About a week ago I attended the Global Issues Network Conference in my city, Washington, DC. It was co-hosted by my high school; School Without Walls and the Washington International School. The conference was organized by youth and created for youth.

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A Generation of Investment

pledge blog thumb

According to this week's essay in TIME Magazine by Nancy Gibbs, the hundreds of thousands of young people mobilizing with Girl Up are an "army enlisted in helping girls realize their potential." Whether you are teenage girl (or boy), reading this right now, together, we are a force for change and a generation of investment.

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Girls Count

girls laughing thumb

Girls count. Did you know that some girls in the developing world spend up to eight hours a day walking back and forth to get clean water for their families? Did you know that 75 percent of the children in the developing world who aren’t able to go to school are girls? Did you know that not every girl in the developing world has a birth certificate when they’re born?

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Education Gives Girls a Chance

girls in school thumb

As teenagers living in the United States, our only job is to go to school, do our homework, and keep our grades up. We have time to relax, hang out with friends, and just enjoy being young. However, many girls living in the developing world have their childhoods taken away from them when they are denied the opportunity to receive an education.

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Everyone can be an Ambassador

Teen Advisors pep rally thumb

What could be better than spending a Saturday working at an event hosted by an organization that you feel passionate about? Nothing. This is exactly how Girl Up’s Teen Advisors got to spend their day on Jan. 15th...

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